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The world is full of wonders, and it's up to you to explore them.

The world is full of wonders, and it's up to you to explore them.

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In summer, the world is a playground, inviting us to explore, discover, and create memories.
In a world full of uncertainties, a dog's unwavering companionship brings us comfort and stability.
Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age.
James Joyce
The world is full of hopeful analogies and handsome, dubious eggs, called possibilities.
George Eliot
And can it be that in a world so full and busy the loss of one creature makes a void so wide and deep that nothing but the width and depth of eternity can fill it up!
Charles Dickens
The point in history at which we stand is full of promise and danger. The world will either move forward toward unity and widely shared prosperity – or it will move apart.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
God works wonders now and then; Behold a lawyer, an honest man.
Benjamin Franklin
Nature's landscapes are like pages of a living book, inviting us to read and explore its stories.
Don't fear change; fear staying the same and missing out on the wonders that await you.
The old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born; now is the time of monsters.
Antonio Gramsci

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